Welcome to David Thrift’s official website. This site was created to set things straight for enquiring minds that want to know.

STOP!! WARNING!!! – If you are easily offended, then you should probably close this page in your browser. Real world talk ahead… you have been warned!

I am a amatuer artist, amatuer photographer, brother, business owner, collector, creator, director, entreprenuer, nature loving, Nintendo Switch gamer, publisher, slave-driven by my day-job boss, son, uncle, veteran of the United States Army, writer, all around chill guy who hates drama.

What’s this site about? Um duh, it’s about David (that’s me) of course. I created this site to say hi, and invite folks to get to know me a little… even if they think they already know me. Also to showcase projects and small business ventures I’m owner of and that I devote my time to working on and building when I’m not on my day job or trying to catch up on sleep.

In our every day life we may encounter dozens of people. Sometimes, the same people we may work with on our jobs that never really know us, but see us every day. Some of them curious about you, and some of them who really don’t give a fuck who or what you’re about. Oops did I drop an F-bomb? Fuck it! Now you immediately know one of what some of the easily offended in society would call my worst habits. I cuss like 40 sailors and don’t give a you know what about it 🙂 Maybe you’ll find some goodness in me though through this personal website I’ve built.


This is me in a nutshell. It’s impossible to touch on every topic in life, but I’ve tried to write on what I think might be the first subjects someone might consider wanting to know about my personality or my thoughts on if they had enough interest to visit this website, or ever wondered what type of person I am in regards to some hot topic issues going on in today’s society.

On Abortion:

Big subject right?! I think this is one that is just about as bad as racism as far as discussions in society go, and I’m sure some will disagree with my thoughts on it, and that’s fine. We all have our opinions. First and foremost, I do not believe in telling a woman what to do with her body. On the other hand, if she becomes pregnant and carries a fetus to a term that it could possibly survive outside the body with no chronic serious issue, I don’t believe she should have an abortion. I won’t even try to get into any medical or moral reasons for a woman to have or not to have an abortion. It’s not my business unless I happen to be the father of that child, then I would have my say in the matter for sure. Ultimately I believe that the only real opinion and decision that matters is up to the person(s) involved.

On Business and Entrepreneurial Ventures:

I love to discover small businesses, especially unique ones. I also love promoting businesses. It’s a talent I discovered about myself as something I enjoy when I launched my first directory in 2013. To see someone with a dream to provide a good service or product for people and to be actually doing it is amazing to me.

On Enemies:

I try not to make any. I prefer living peacefully, and having good rapor with people. I’m sure I have a few though… you know sometimes some people just act stupid and the next thing I know, my bipolar kicks in and I’m cussing someone out that I don’t even know what thier name is, and have never spoken to… but I really am a nice guy. I make no apologies. People should learn respect and integrity and let go of thier self entitlement. If I have an attitude with you, believe me that you probably deserved it for being ratchet ass. Love me or hate me, but you’ll never be me. Don’t disrespect me, and I won’t you. I try to like and get along with everyone though. I don’t like to have enemies. I know I have an attitude sometimes but I work on it, and I don’t hate anyone… but I don’t like bullshit either.

On Depression:

People it is real! I have had it. I have dealt with it. I was once suicidal over some stupid shit. My advice to anyone going through it is to take a step back from everything and find one thing that you are truly passionate about. Take that one thing and make it your baby so to speak. Start a collection, read or write a book. Build a website about it and connect with like-minded people. Share that passion with others and get your mind off of everything else that dragged you down. You are not in this world to be alone. You are here to make the world a better place, and you have at least one talent to do so. Find and express yourself. Don’t repress yourself.

On Drinking, Drugs and Smoking:

I don’t do any of it. I quit smoking on Sunday, February 24th, 2008. I remember the date so well because I’d been sick with the flu for the week before and couldn’t bear to smoke. When I started feeling better I wanted a cigarette. I lit one up, and I literally felt like I had just licked an ash tray. It’s amazing how quickly your body starts to heal itself in regards to smoking after you haven’t smoked in awhile and how you can tell how bad it was for you if you try it again. I haven’t touched a cigarette since. I haven’t had a desire for an alcoholic drink since 2017. I tried weed in 1998. It was a peer pressure thing I care not to explain or talk about, however, and thankfully, I didn’t like the way it clouded my mind. I’ve never touched another drug since. I’ve never tried, nor do I want any other drug since, before, or besides that. I prefer a clear and unclouded conscience. I do not subscribe to any prescriptions, and am grateful to be blessed with health at my age that doesn’t require me to. Not to mention I love how my face is holding up at my age without all that mess.

On Friends:

I keep my circle small. Always have, and trust little to none.

On “Locker Room Talk”:

Dude who you trying to impress? That shit ain’t gonna matter when your ass is 35 with 4 kids, no real “friends” left, your wife is fat as a blimp, you’re struggling to pay the bills, put food on the table for those crumb snatchers, and you keep thinking about that girl with the hot lips that you should have put a ring on instead, since apparently that was what you wanted in the first place. Or for some, you’ve now decided, or will, that you finally want to act out on your lifelong desire and preferance for a man and your ass is hanging out on Grindr with a cropped photo hiding your smug fugly face in attempt to keep your wife or girlfriend from finding out and trying to get that egg plant… no offense to any women… I’m just sayin’…

On Marriage and Relationships:

Happily single…. let me say that again…. I am a happy motherfucker living my single, stress free life, until someone impresses me enough to get that ring, and homie don’t play games. I have zero dependency for dependency or to make conquests. I have no desire whatsoever to change shitty diapers. I can get myself off without help or providing favors. Also I don’t like risks of contracting diseases from nasty people. I prefer solitude, but I’m not anti-social. I have little to no interest in dating at this point in my life although I know the right person is out there somewhere.

On Movies and Television:

Movies and television used to be something I really enjoyed. I loved going to see movies at the theater occasionally, until I worked at one and started realizing that movies these days don’t carry a lot of originality. The last time I remember going to see a movie was the one called “Life” or something like that starring Jake Gyllanhaal… a space alien movie (because I like alien movies). Whatever year that was (late 2017 or early 2018 I think) was the last time I went to a theater. I used to collect movies on dvd. I haven’t bought a dvd in ages, nor have I sat and watched any that I own in ages. The last time I remember watching one, was the Pearl Harbor movie with Ben Afleck that I watched on Pearl Harbor day which I believe was December 17th, 2017. The point I’m trying to make is that I became bored with movies. I cut the cord to cable or satellite tv many years ago as far back as 2013 I believe, maybe before that. Television became boring to me. I hated paying $50+ a month and there was nothing on that I cared to waste my time for to watch. These days when I’m at home, I rarely ever turn on the television. I’d rather have dead silence and peace in my house if I’m not listening to my music. I had Netflix for awhile, but I also cut the cord to that. These days I simply don’t watch movies or television unless I have become extremely bored with other things. Sometimes I watch Georgia Public TV on “free-air” tv (you can laugh – I don’t care), but that’s a rare thing. I have to be really bored to do that, or it’s just an alternative to chill out with while I’m working on my websites. I’d much rather work on my websites and listen to my music rather than waste my time watching television or movies usually. I don’t completely hate movies or television these days. It’s just been a long time since I found interest in those forms of entertainment.

On Music:

I’m the type of guy who can play Metallica’s Enter Sandman album, and then put on a Patti Label gospel album, and have done it. My music interest is like the Grand Canyon – wide, deep, and far stretched. I love country music, pop music, trance and edm, alternative, R & B, and some rock… very little heavy metal. Not into classical or opera stuff. Cannot stand rap music. I think rap music is stupid. Wait, Run DMC and Beastie Boys were cool, but that was a whole other generation. What they call rap today I call dumb, dumb dumb dumb, duuuummmmmbbbbb…..

On Nosy People:

Get a life, and get as far the fuck away from me as possible! Yes I know that’s a total 180 from the fact that I built this website and made it ALL ABOUT ME… so that nosy people could read it… but that’s beside the point.

On Politics:

I really try not to get involved in political discussions, or religious discussions for that matter. I prefer to let my votes do my speaking for me and carry on with my life and do the things I love. For sure I have my opinions about things, but I don’t feel the need to make a spectacle of myself and as one of my musical idols, Dolly Parton would say, “If you want to stay in business, keep your damn mouth shut”.

On Racism:

Possibly one of the biggest topics in society right now where there is too much hate involved. Skin color has no bearing on how I view people or individuals based on thier actions, or how I interact with people. I do not consider myself better or priviledged for anything more than someone else simply because I’m a white man, a proud white man by the way, who doesn’t wear symbols, or stupid looking costumes to feel that way. Proud of my abilities and talents. Abilities and talents I’ve acquired and built through learning all my life… not gained or given to me just because I’m white. Cultures have a way of stereotyping themselves through repeated actions, and in my opinion have the audacity to act offended when they get called out about something…. “Oh you’re a racist. You wouldnt say that if he was white.”… what the fuck ever! If I see on the news a white man robbed a store, he’s a thug. Own who you are, not what your skin color is, because noone can own you in today’s society in America. We passed laws to prevent that, remember? You have as much freedom as I do to build your reputation based on what you do and how you act. Also building that wall is to filter criminals at our borders, not to keep any legal immigrants from migrating. By the way, please pull up your pants, and I’ll try not to blind you with these white legs. I don’t need to know what color your underwear is. That’s what belts are for. Thanks! I love Janet Jackson as much as I love Cher. I like pizza, and hot dogs, but I really love tacos!

On Religion:

I don’t follow any organized religion. I do however consider myself a spiritual person with faith that our existance may be guided by a higher power. I am the type of person who believes what I can see before anything else. I don’t necessarily trust the writings of humans in religious context or the study of, especially through numerous translations and how some people interpret them to suit thier needs, or sooth thier fears for things they refuse to educate themselves about outside of thier religion. So don’t look for me in any church, but also don’t misjudge me as having no regard for my life after death. My mother dragged me through a methodist church throughout my entire childhood and teen years until I got out on my own. I have no disrespect to my mother for that since she was following what she felt in her heart was the right thing to do according to her religion, but I am fully grateful to myself for having the wisdom and will within me to see myself and follow my heart instead. What I learned from the experience in all those years from a very young age and throughout my life is that I don’t appreciate being told how I’m supposed to live my life by people that have no business worrying about what I do, or who I am in my life based on thier religious beliefs. I do not disrespect anyone for their beliefs in any religion so long as their religion isn’t harming anyone else. I do prefer however that people keep thier religion to themselves. We all have a path we have to follow to find our true being. I have found mine, and am consistently working on staying on my specific path. Your judgement bears no relevance because there is only one that can judge me. Jesus said follow him. He didn’t say follow you.

On Self Entitled People:

Hang em! I can’t stand people that think someone owes them something. If my sperm did not produce you, I don’t owe you shit!

On Sexual Orientation:

I have a saying, and I’ll quote myself… “If you’re not in my bedroom tonight when I turn out the light, don’t worry about what my dick is doing.” What someone’s sexual orientation is, is none of your business, and you shouldn’t spend a minute of your life concerning yourself with it. You should be focusing on bettering everything about you and what you love in and out of your own bedroom, and that doesn’t pertain to sex only. If they aren’t fucking you, or the other way around, then it really is none of your business and does not affect your life. And unless they tell you what thier interest is, then you shouldn’t be asking in most cases, especially if your ratchet ass is just looking for dirt you think you have a right to drill in with your peers. That’s fucking rude as hell and makes you a shitty, nosy ass person with no life who needs to get a life. That’s all I have to say about that.

On Smiling:

I try to smile at folks always. It’s a bad habit. Some people take it the wrong way I think though. I also think they’re crazy. Who doesn’t love a smile?

On Social Media:

It’s a crazy world out there…

On Sports:

I didn’t play sports in high school, except other than when required to during physical education class. I just wasn’t good at them. I was that guy that ran the wrong way on the football field. I admit it. I sucked at sports. There I said it. I do like bowling, but I haven’t done that physically in years (I like to play it on my game console – Nintendo Switch – at home – where I don’t have to be bothered with people). Sometimes I play RBI Baseball on my game console. I don’t watch sports either. In football I pull for Auburn, but I’m not gonna cry if they lose a game. I’d rather spend my time working on my websites, or one of my publications and listen to some music. I guess that makes me a nerd. Whatever.

On The Draft And Serving In The Military:

I believe every healthy male in the United States that is not a sole surving offspring should be required to not only register for the draft, but also be made to serve at least 4 years in one branch of service whether it’s the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or the Coastgaurd. There’s a lot of ratchet ass disrespectful young men that could use some lessons in respect and the military is a good tool for that.

On Violence:

It’s never the answer to anything and proves no man to anyone!

On Working:

I believe in doing your honest best with integrity and teamwork, but I prefer working alone the majority of the time as well. I believe in helping those around you do thier best when you can, but I do not believe in doing thier work for them or allowing anyone to take advantage of you on your job so that they can get ahead without doing thier own damn work. Fuck that shit! I’m too old for it.