5 Best Wireless Headphones on Amazon (Bluetooth Headphones)

I don’t know if these are exactly the best wireless headphones now since this video was posted in 2017, however there’s some nice technology to see here if you’re in the market for new headphones.

I am always shopping for new headphones, especially bluetooth headphones with great sound and comfort.

I just bought a new set of Skullcandy Uproar bluetooth headphones that I’m going to be giving a try this week. I have mixed feelings about them however as I purchased them on impulse and didn’t research them at all before purchasing. I can say that I have tried them on briefly after taking them out of the box, and they seem like they may be comfortable to wear. Can’t say anything about the sound yet. I will do a review sometime this week or next.

Do you have a set of bluetooth headphones that you really love? Comment below and tell me about them.

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