OMG I’ve Been Busy!!!!

Man, has it really been since March this year since I wrote something on my blog?

The last six months has been crazy! I left a job, started a new job, and also started a new business at The Junkyard Blogs & Business Directory – a business directory that promotes not only businesses in America, but also bloggers in America as well.

It’s been an amazing project so far. To sum it up, I took the idea from zero domain, zero content, to full site built and now billboard advertising it in less than six months. there’s some parts of it that still needs a little work, but anyone who maintains a website knows that a website is essentially always “under construction” in some form or another. Anyway the site is fully open for business so if you are a blogger or business owner in America looking for promotion, then this directory is for you.

Oh I forgot to mention that in that time I launched a companion business publication for the directory called Courtesy Mentions Magazine. The first issue has been published and is available for FREE download on the site, and the 2nd issue will publish and be available for download in January 2019. It’s a magazine that delivers the best blogs and businesses in America. Go get your copy now to start your collection.

I have literally been cooped up in my office all summer this year putting the whole project together, so I hope you’ll go check out and follow the site.

So what else is new? My music collection and decluttering my house. I have been working on organizing and listening to some mp3’s I’ve had in my collection for years. These are remixes I downloaded years ago. I plan to catalog lists of mp3’s I own on this site but who knows when that will happen. It’s a lot of work to do that and very time consuming.

I’ve been going through boxes of things that have been in boxes forever, trying to discard some old things I’ve collected but haven’t really used for a long time. I have also been working on scanning old magazines I have so that I can make pdf’s out of them and throw out the paper.

So anyway that’s about the biggest things I’ve been into lately. It’s been so long since I’ve been here on my personal site that I’ve forgotten what all I’ve posted previously. Hopefully during this upcoming winter I can find some time to get reacquainted with my content here and start building this site up like I want it.

Oh and last thing, I have a new addiction to bubba burgers. They fry up so well and easy on my George Forman grill.

John O’Callaghan feat. Audrey Gallagher – Bring Back The Sun (Original Club Mix)

Here’s the latest trance tune share for you and I apologize I haven’t made an update lately. I have been working on a few new blog projects which took up some time, and to be honest, I have not been on Spotify for awhile so it has slipped my mind to keep these great tunes coming for you to discover. It is 2:20 a.m. as I’m posting this on my blog, and I will try and get a few more tunes posted throughout the night as I discover them myself while I’m listening. Enjoy.

By the way if you own a blog, you should head over to Junkyard Blogs Directory and get it listed. Currently they are giving away 100 free listings.

Live Coral, Live Fish Food & Macro Algae | AquariumDepot

I’m starting another new category on my blog with this post called “New Site Discoveries”.

The reason for this is because I am always finding websites I’d like to share or link to, and then I will keep that site in an open tab on my phone’s firefox browser, or in Google Keep, or some other list somewhere. Then usually these sites get forgotten about and I never link to them. So with this new category, I can instantly link to the site, clear tabs, save the hassle of making lists, and then later as I get time, I can edit these posts or move these links to my links page.

Knitting Session – Friday, March 9th, 2018

Yes men knit too.

I thought I’d try something new on my blog since I recently started writing about re-opening my hat shop on etsy (coming soon).

I think it would be great for people to be able to see photos of me working on my products.

So I’m starting a new category called “Artist At Work”. You may wonder why I’m not calling it “Knitting Sessions”, or “Crochet Sessions”, or anything like that since I will be selling my handmade hats in my etsy shop. Well the reason is this. I do a lot of different things that can be considered “art”. From yarn work, to drawing, to digital art, and even digital scrapbooks (most of those kept to myself -but you may find some on my website eventually if I decide to share them).

I don’t want to have to create a seperate category for every activity that I do if I’m going to be sharing “behind the scenes” photos like this one.

The photo in this post is me, sitting out on my blue bench in my front yard around 4 p.m., enjoying some sunshine today while working on a new hand-knitted men’s basic beanie with a self striping yarn (that means the yarn has a pattern printed through it which creates a striped pattern in the item you’re creating).

I’ll post a progress photo of this hat I’m working on soon.