Camouflage Stripes Hand-knit Men’s Basic Beanie Show And Tell

In this post I am sharing 12 photos of a camouflage stripes hand-knit men’s basic beanie that I just finished today.

I recently mentioned on my blog that I am planning to revive my hat shop on Etsy, and start selling my hand-knit and crocheted hats. I have been making and selling them off an on since 1999. Well my latest break from it is over, and I am ready to get back in the game.

I fell in love with making hats in 1999, shortly after getting out of the Army. Crocheting and knitting was something I loved doing as a child, and these creations have been something that has been a passion of mine for many years in my adult life.

The hat you see below is not for sale currently. It was one I started making for a family member quite a few years ago that got put away and forgotten about when my life focus veered off to other projects (I’m constantly busy with something). Well when I most recently decided to revive my hat shop again, I realized I had to finish this hat in order to get my double pointed knitting needles to finish another hat I’m currently working on. So here it is…

Camouflage Stripes Basic Beanie Photo 1

Camouflage Stripes Basic Beanie Photo 2

Camouflage Stripes Basic Beanie Photo 3

Camouflage Stripes Basic Beanie Photo 1

Camouflage Stripes Basic Beanie Photo 5

Camouflage Stripes Basic Beanie Photo 6

Camouflage Stripes Basic Beanie Photo 7

Camouflage Stripes Basic Beanie Photo 8

Camouflage Stripes Basic Beanie Photo 9

Camouflage Stripes Basic Beanie Photo 10

Camouflage Stripes Basic Beanie Photo 11

Camouflage Stripes Basic Beanie Photo 12

You’ll notice the hat has a slightly slouchy fit. This is because I make them to fit the way I love to wear them. The same way that I don’t like wearing tight fit clothes, I don’t like my beanies too tight on my head. So I knit these so they fit comfortably and with a little bit of slouch at the top. Not only does the style look great, but it ensures a great fit for everyone since these are made as “one size fits all”.

I hope you like the hat and the photos, and please follow my website for updates on the newest hats I’ll be posting and selling. Note: sales of my hats (when I have some available) will be within and to United States residents only. I hate dealing with foreign customs and refuse to do that again this time around. Thanks for checking out my blog post.

Ruben De Ronde – Grands Boulevards (Original Mix)

I have come to realize that in sharing these tunes, I may eventually end up with a massive amount of blog posts to manage, considering how easy it is to share these from YouTube. So I have decided that for every 12 of these that I put on my blog, I will gather them up into “playlists” all on one post, and then delete the individual posts. I think the end result would create a better listening and discovery situation for those of you out there who enjoy these tunes. So if you are following my blog, keep an eye out for the first playlist to be posted as soon as I find the time for blog maintenance.

My Hat Shop Is Coming Back To Etsy

Hats By David On Etsy I am happy to announce that I am going to revive my etsy hat shop and start selling my hand knit and crocheted hats again. It has been quite awhile since I maintained my shop (life happened), and I’ve missed it. I will be spending time over this Spring and Summer listing some items I’ve already made that are available, and I’ll be creating more hats as well. Keep an eye out here on my website for more news about my hat shop.

You can click here to see it now if you would like, however keep in mind that as of this blog post, I do not have any items up for sale yet, and also I may change the name of the shop as a rebranding and the link may also change as well. In such case I will definitely post an update about it here on my blog.