OMG I’ve Been Busy!!!!

Man, has it really been since March this year since I wrote something on my blog?

The last six months has been crazy! I left a job, started a new job, and also started a new business at The Junkyard Blogs & Business Directory – a business directory that promotes not only businesses in America, but also bloggers in America as well.

It’s been an amazing project so far. To sum it up, I took the idea from zero domain, zero content, to full site built and now billboard advertising it in less than six months. there’s some parts of it that still needs a little work, but anyone who maintains a website knows that a website is essentially always “under construction” in some form or another. Anyway the site is fully open for business so if you are a blogger or business owner in America looking for promotion, then this directory is for you.

Oh I forgot to mention that in that time I launched a companion business publication for the directory called Courtesy Mentions Magazine. The first issue has been published and is available for FREE download on the site, and the 2nd issue will publish and be available for download in January 2019. It’s a magazine that delivers the best blogs and businesses in America. Go get your copy now to start your collection.

I have literally been cooped up in my office all summer this year putting the whole project together, so I hope you’ll go check out and follow the site.

So what else is new? My music collection and decluttering my house. I have been working on organizing and listening to some mp3’s I’ve had in my collection for years. These are remixes I downloaded years ago. I plan to catalog lists of mp3’s I own on this site but who knows when that will happen. It’s a lot of work to do that and very time consuming.

I’ve been going through boxes of things that have been in boxes forever, trying to discard some old things I’ve collected but haven’t really used for a long time. I have also been working on scanning old magazines I have so that I can make pdf’s out of them and throw out the paper.

So anyway that’s about the biggest things I’ve been into lately. It’s been so long since I’ve been here on my personal site that I’ve forgotten what all I’ve posted previously. Hopefully during this upcoming winter I can find some time to get reacquainted with my content here and start building this site up like I want it.

Oh and last thing, I have a new addiction to bubba burgers. They fry up so well and easy on my George Forman grill.

Thoughts For Monday, February 5th, 2018

On Trance Music – 9:02 AM – (An answer I wrote to a question about why trance music is an interest) For me it is a developing interest which started around two years ago in 2016 when I got Spotify, which opened up access to any music out there just about. I already love music remixes of pop music, and techno from the early 90’s. So I decided to try a few electronic playlists and started listening to trance. It’s a style of music I can listen to and literally get lost in. Plus, I’m becoming less a fan of country and pop music that is coming out lately. I’m also discovering lots of big trance compilation albums on Spotify, and I like long play albums, plus it’s fun listening to trance mixes like ASOT. I like to hear the journey in a trance tune. Sometimes it’s a cool trip, while other times just a boring ride in the back seat, but always something to look forward to in the next track. I also like that there’s so many different styles to explore.

On Aquariums – 4:51 PM – I am thinking about trying another aquarium. Maybe a 10 or 20 gallon with just a few regular goldfish, no gravel (because of how difficult it is to keep goldfish tanks clean), or maybe another beta fish (just one) since they are relatively easy to care for…. Or maybe some guppies. I always wanted when I was younger to breed guppies and see how that worked out. A new spring/summer project maybe. We’ll see.

Thoughts For Friday, February 2nd, 2018

Nipple Piercings – Gross – Thought for the day. Nipple piercings – they’re not as cute as you thought before doing it. You’re welcome. Have a good one. (written early morning – time unknown)

Stole My Own Game Boards – 1:24 PM – Wanna hear something funny. Last night I was roaming around my yard… you know, just getting outside and enjoying some fresh air. Well I noticed something missing, which isn’t hard to do since there’s only a few things out in my big yard (my trucks, an outdoor table, some as of yet since I moved here unused garden hooks, and some bean bag toss game boards). Well my game boards were missing. I got mad because I thought someone came in my yard and stole them, but then spent an hour wandering around looking to see if I had put them somewhere and just forgot. I looked everywhere, except for the storage shed. Eventually I figured out I had put them in the shed for the winter. #lovemybeantossboards #stopstealingyourownstuffandforgettingaboutit #haha

Fucking Spam Blogs On WordPress – 1:33 PM – Some of you people with these ignorant spam blogs need to stop. Noone is interested in your herpes management blogs, mlm bullshit blogs, or mundane inspiration blogs unless they actually have the disease, love following fake business advice, or are suicidal. Stop “liking” and commenting on blogs you know aren’t interested in your shit, trying to get a back link. This crap has led me to start turning likes off on my blogs altogether. People like you aren’t doing anything but wasting other people’s time that are actually trying to run a business or valid blog.

I Need Time For Me!

I am starting a new blog category on my website today with this post.

The category is called “Just Saying”.

It is a category where I’ll post random thoughts that come to mind (look out world – I can be crazy sometimes), or possibly some announcements about random things I’m working on, or thinking about.

Well this morning I am furiously (ok maybe not furiously – more like focused on) downloading a bunch of trance music I found on a random website from a google search I did, and I am doing this between tasks at work.

While doing this I’ve realized that in a lot of ways I have let my love of listening to music sort of slip away from me.

Now I do listen to music nearly every day, so with that said, you may be wondering what craziness I’m talking about.

Well most all of my life I have always set some time aside to do nothing but listen to my music collection, and enjoy doing just that without doing anything else, except get outside and enjoy nature while listening to my music.

This morning I’m feeling like that’s a part of me that I really need to get back in touch with.

So I am thinking of a new tradition I would like to start for myself starting this Spring, and maybe sooner if the weather permits.

This will be to simply put one day aside every week where I do nothing but listen to my music, or work on organizing my HUMUNGOUS mp3 music collection.

I think this would bring some much needed happiness into my life that needs to be restored after the year I had in 2017.

I think this tradition needs to start today.

So when I leave work today, I’m gonna go home and get to work on cataloging my mp3’s.

I think it will be a much needed nice break from all the work I’ve been doing.