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I’m starting another new category on my blog with this post called “New Site Discoveries”.

The reason for this is because I am always finding websites I’d like to share or link to, and then I will keep that site in an open tab on my phone’s firefox browser, or in Google Keep, or some other list somewhere. Then usually these sites get forgotten about and I never link to them. So with this new category, I can instantly link to the site, clear tabs, save the hassle of making lists, and then later as I get time, I can edit these posts or move these links to my links page.

Hello World!

Photo Of Me

Thank you for reading my first blog post on this new website of mine, and welcome to my brand new personal website, obscurely titled DMF84 (unofficial title). The year 2017, marks the year that I have founded more websites in one year than any other year before, four of them in fact (including this one). One of which I’ve decided no longer to maintain (because sometimes you start a site, and then decide it wasn’t a good idea, or it evolved into an entirely different project, of which both cases apply), and one (my artist directory, and business site of which I am entirely devoting my heart to. I’ve also got plans for a couple of other blogs to come along, including another directory of places to obtain free travel guides as that is one of my recent new interests in things to collect (or maybe I’ll just add that as an interest section in my artist directory’s quarterly publication – who knows just yet).

Needless to say, I may be well on my way to becoming a full time blogger through this year with all of my online establishments. I think that’s a good thing. Also my artist directory has it’s own publication as I mentioned, so yeah….. I’m way busy with writing and website maintenance lately, but I’m loving it and am having a great time doing it. It keeps me busy and gives me some things to build goals on, so I’m happy about that.

So what will I be doing on this site you may ask? Well, as I mentioned, this is my new personal website, so that means that I’ll pretty much be posting a lot of random things like YouTube videos I like or want to share, lots of Instagram posts (because I love Instagram a lot), various articles, and links to various websites and articles at other websites I like. Also I have been wanting for quite some time to have a spot on the internet where I can catalog my humongous MP3 collection, so I’ll be adding lists of my MP3’s as I get them organized. In addition, I have plans to start getting back into creating my digital art and possibly re-establish my zazzle greeting cards shop when I find the time. These are just a few things I’ll be using this site for and writing my blog posts about.

This website, like most of my social media, will be a mix of my business happenings, and personal interests. You will notice that in the widget sections of my website, that I have two twitter widgets, one for my personal twitter @dtpiix, and the other one for my business Twitter @nwoaart. Also there is my Instagram widget, and a widget for my artist directory’s Facebook page. I would appreciate it if you follow my social media accounts, and my websites. More content coming soon as well as an “About” page with a little more information about myself and what I do over at my business site.