GeoKing G3 MAX – I like this Phablet!

Wanted to share this video because I’m a little ticked off that Samsung has not yet made a super large screen phone over 6 inches (other than the Galaxy Mega than came out several years ago), and I’m jealous as hell at the 6.5 inch screen on the phone in this video.

Why am I jealous you may ask? It’s like this. I am an older guy in my 40’s who does a huge amount of blogging, photo viewing, article reading, etc., more and more on my phone. I’m not some young punk guy that needs a slim phone to shove in my pocket for convenience, and for productive purposes, a phone of this size would be absolutely perfect.

It’s apparent I’m not the only one who feels this way, otherwise Irulu would’nt have made this phone to begin with.

What are you’re thoughts on a phone this size. Do you think you would love it for some of the same reasons I mentioned, or would it be overkill for your own personal use? No rude comments please.

Wacom Bamboo Tip: The BEST Stylus for ALL Phones and Tablets!

I’ve been in the market for possibly buying a new Samsung Galaxy tablet with S-Pen because I want to practice my drawing and art (and I’m just not that much into drawing on paper – prefer digital), and because my old tablet only works with a fat tip stylus (at least until now maybe). I am curious if this might work with my old tablet and I might just get one and try it out.

It would save me a lot of cash if it works. On the other hand, my old tablet is slow as hell and so I don’t really know if I’d enjoy the experience even if this stylus did work. I’ll just put this on my wish list for now until I do some thinking about getting it, or just upgrade my tablet.

5 Best Wireless Headphones on Amazon (Bluetooth Headphones)

I don’t know if these are exactly the best wireless headphones now since this video was posted in 2017, however there’s some nice technology to see here if you’re in the market for new headphones.

I am always shopping for new headphones, especially bluetooth headphones with great sound and comfort.

I just bought a new set of Skullcandy Uproar bluetooth headphones that I’m going to be giving a try this week. I have mixed feelings about them however as I purchased them on impulse and didn’t research them at all before purchasing. I can say that I have tried them on briefly after taking them out of the box, and they seem like they may be comfortable to wear. Can’t say anything about the sound yet. I will do a review sometime this week or next.

Do you have a set of bluetooth headphones that you really love? Comment below and tell me about them.

Samsung’s New Graphene Battery

This is some cool news regarding development with Samsung batteries.

As a person who is growing more and more dependent on my phone for maintaining both my business and personal website for updates, and writing blog posts, I am looking forward to new battery technology that would allow for faster charging time, as well as longer battery life between charging.

I already get some relatively great battery life with my Samsung Galaxy S8+, however I am a super power user, and my phone has become my main source for consuming and sharing content. My laptop is really only pulled out of it’s carrying case when I need to do some heavy editing.

I can’t wait for when the time comes that battery technology allows me to leave my house and stay all day without any worry for needing to charge my phone. I’m sure most everyone can agree to that.