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I’m starting another new category on my blog with this post called “New Site Discoveries”.

The reason for this is because I am always finding websites I’d like to share or link to, and then I will keep that site in an open tab on my phone’s firefox browser, or in Google Keep, or some other list somewhere. Then usually these sites get forgotten about and I never link to them. So with this new category, I can instantly link to the site, clear tabs, save the hassle of making lists, and then later as I get time, I can edit these posts or move these links to my links page.


Knitting Session – Friday, March 9th, 2018

Yes men knit too.

I thought I’d try something new on my blog since I recently started writing about re-opening my hat shop on etsy (coming soon).

I think it would be great for people to be able to see photos of me working on my products.

So I’m starting a new category called “Artist At Work”. You may wonder why I’m not calling it “Knitting Sessions”, or “Crochet Sessions”, or anything like that since I will be selling my handmade hats in my etsy shop. Well the reason is this. I do a lot of different things that can be considered “art”. From yarn work, to drawing, to digital art, and even digital scrapbooks (most of those kept to myself -but you may find some on my website eventually if I decide to share them).

I don’t want to have to create a seperate category for every activity that I do if I’m going to be sharing “behind the scenes” photos like this one.

The photo in this post is me, sitting out on my blue bench in my front yard around 4 p.m., enjoying some sunshine today while working on a new hand-knitted men’s basic beanie with a self striping yarn (that means the yarn has a pattern printed through it which creates a striped pattern in the item you’re creating).

I’ll post a progress photo of this hat I’m working on soon.