WordPress Live Chat Plugins: Get Personal With Your Visitors

Always on the hunt for new website resources? I am as well, and today I’m starting a new YouTube category for WordPress help and tips called YouTube WordPress.

This video will give you some great suggestions if you need to add a live chat option for helping customers on your WordPress website.

Thoughts For Friday, February 2nd, 2018

Nipple Piercings – Gross – Thought for the day. Nipple piercings – they’re not as cute as you thought before doing it. You’re welcome. Have a good one. (written early morning – time unknown)

Stole My Own Game Boards – 1:24 PM – Wanna hear something funny. Last night I was roaming around my yard… you know, just getting outside and enjoying some fresh air. Well I noticed something missing, which isn’t hard to do since there’s only a few things out in my big yard (my trucks, an outdoor table, some as of yet since I moved here unused garden hooks, and some bean bag toss game boards). Well my game boards were missing. I got mad because I thought someone came in my yard and stole them, but then spent an hour wandering around looking to see if I had put them somewhere and just forgot. I looked everywhere, except for the storage shed. Eventually I figured out I had put them in the shed for the winter. #lovemybeantossboards #stopstealingyourownstuffandforgettingaboutit #haha

Fucking Spam Blogs On WordPress – 1:33 PM – Some of you people with these ignorant spam blogs need to stop. Noone is interested in your herpes management blogs, mlm bullshit blogs, or mundane inspiration blogs unless they actually have the disease, love following fake business advice, or are suicidal. Stop “liking” and commenting on blogs you know aren’t interested in your shit, trying to get a back link. This crap has led me to start turning likes off on my blogs altogether. People like you aren’t doing anything but wasting other people’s time that are actually trying to run a business or valid blog.

Wanting New Computer Speakers And Blog Posts Coming Soon

It’s hard to believe that this first month of January in 2018 is nearly over. It has been a great month for me however. I have worked a lot, and started also working on a couple goals for myself.

These goals are personal goals. The first one being to drink more water and less sodas. The second one is to start getting my huge music collection cataloged and organized. I’m glad to say that I’ve made a good start on both of those goals, and I will be writing about them more as I get the time.

I have a new item on my wishlist that I am considering to purchase. This is the Logitech Z506 5.1 channel computer speaker set. I won’t go into details now as I have plans to write a blog post later about it.

I’ve been working hard this month to get a new set of color cards made to add to the collection at NWOAA and there’s 89 new ones made. I am not ready to load them up on site yet however as I would like to create at least 108 total to make the official count to 200 in the whole collection.

I’m happy to announce that there’s a new artist to be added to my directory also at NWOAA and that is something I’ll be working on this week among other things to get updated.

I am a little sad to say that I have not been out at all this year yet with my camera to work on my photography. I just have so much to do, and it’s been too cold to get out anyway.

Since I mentioned my photography, I am thinking about making a new photo e-book to give away. I’m thinking it might be on the subject of cloud photography. I love shooting photos of interesting clouds. I’ve actually been wanting to start that project for a few days now, but the sky has been clear, so no luck with that yet.

Finally in this announcement of new things to come here on my website is that I’ve decided (I think) that I’m going to start cataloging my mp3 collection here on site although I have a lot of file edits that need to be made. I was going to wait until I edited each part of my collection before adding any lists here online, but then I realized after spending the last four days or so editing a list of 353 mp3’s and only getting about halfway through it so far, that it might be months before I’m able to show off my collection. So I’d rather get my lists of files on site as soon as possible, even with irregular titles, than to wait forever to get them cataloged. Then I can just update the lists after edits are made.

Well that’s it for some things I have going on for new updates and blog posts I have coming soon. I gotta get some business work done before I can spend too much time writing here on these things 🙂

Have a great day!!