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I’m starting another new category on my blog with this post called “New Site Discoveries”.

The reason for this is because I am always finding websites I’d like to share or link to, and then I will keep that site in an open tab on my phone’s firefox browser, or in Google Keep, or some other list somewhere. Then usually these sites get forgotten about and I never link to them. So with this new category, I can instantly link to the site, clear tabs, save the hassle of making lists, and then later as I get time, I can edit these posts or move these links to my links page.

Thoughts For Monday, February 5th, 2018

On Trance Music – 9:02 AM – (An answer I wrote to a question about why trance music is an interest) For me it is a developing interest which started around two years ago in 2016 when I got Spotify, which opened up access to any music out there just about. I already love music remixes of pop music, and techno from the early 90’s. So I decided to try a few electronic playlists and started listening to trance. It’s a style of music I can listen to and literally get lost in. Plus, I’m becoming less a fan of country and pop music that is coming out lately. I’m also discovering lots of big trance compilation albums on Spotify, and I like long play albums, plus it’s fun listening to trance mixes like ASOT. I like to hear the journey in a trance tune. Sometimes it’s a cool trip, while other times just a boring ride in the back seat, but always something to look forward to in the next track. I also like that there’s so many different styles to explore.

On Aquariums – 4:51 PM – I am thinking about trying another aquarium. Maybe a 10 or 20 gallon with just a few regular goldfish, no gravel (because of how difficult it is to keep goldfish tanks clean), or maybe another beta fish (just one) since they are relatively easy to care for…. Or maybe some guppies. I always wanted when I was younger to breed guppies and see how that worked out. A new spring/summer project maybe. We’ll see.