I Need Time For Me!

I am starting a new blog category on my website today with this post.

The category is called “Just Saying”.

It is a category where I’ll post random thoughts that come to mind (look out world – I can be crazy sometimes), or possibly some announcements about random things I’m working on, or thinking about.

Well this morning I am furiously (ok maybe not furiously – more like focused on) downloading a bunch of trance music I found on a random website from a google search I did, and I am doing this between tasks at work.

While doing this I’ve realized that in a lot of ways I have let my love of listening to music sort of slip away from me.

Now I do listen to music nearly every day, so with that said, you may be wondering what craziness I’m talking about.

Well most all of my life I have always set some time aside to do nothing but listen to my music collection, and enjoy doing just that without doing anything else, except get outside and enjoy nature while listening to my music.

This morning I’m feeling like that’s a part of me that I really need to get back in touch with.

So I am thinking of a new tradition I would like to start for myself starting this Spring, and maybe sooner if the weather permits.

This will be to simply put one day aside every week where I do nothing but listen to my music, or work on organizing my HUMUNGOUS mp3 music collection.

I think this would bring some much needed happiness into my life that needs to be restored after the year I had in 2017.

I think this tradition needs to start today.

So when I leave work today, I’m gonna go home and get to work on cataloging my mp3’s.

I think it will be a much needed nice break from all the work I’ve been doing.