GeoKing G3 MAX – I like this Phablet!

Wanted to share this video because I’m a little ticked off that Samsung has not yet made a super large screen phone over 6 inches (other than the Galaxy Mega than came out several years ago), and I’m jealous as hell at the 6.5 inch screen on the phone in this video.

Why am I jealous you may ask? It’s like this. I am an older guy in my 40’s who does a huge amount of blogging, photo viewing, article reading, etc., more and more on my phone. I’m not some young punk guy that needs a slim phone to shove in my pocket for convenience, and for productive purposes, a phone of this size would be absolutely perfect.

It’s apparent I’m not the only one who feels this way, otherwise Irulu would’nt have made this phone to begin with.

What are you’re thoughts on a phone this size. Do you think you would love it for some of the same reasons I mentioned, or would it be overkill for your own personal use? No rude comments please.